uvex snowstrike VLM

The uvex snowstrike variomatic goggle stand out for the best performance with the best equipment. No one will ever keep track of you with these goggles.

Color Variant: darkgrey

Aggressive style for aggressive riding

The newly developed uvex snowstrike variomatic goggles are the one and only argument for high performance on the slope. The uvex snowstrike darkgrey of progressive edge look is an absolutely highlight. The goggle combines the newest technologies and gives you the best view with every condition. 100% UV protection guaranteed.

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Protection Lens Comfort Weight

100% UVA-, -B, - C protection

EN 174:2001



double lens cylindric

climatic membrane

direct frame ventilation

foam membrane

rubberstrap with silicone

single foam with velour



Ultimate anti-fog coating

Works twice as long as the standard requires: 60 seconds of fog protection instead of the prescribed 30 seconds. Increases your safety and provides clear vision even in the poorest conditions.


Automatic lens tinting

The countdown has begun: 25 seconds, from crystal clear to dark. For the most capricious weather. In shade. In sun. Wherever you are. 100% practical. 100% automatic.

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UV protection

uv-ex = ultraviolet excluded

uv-ex = ultraviolet excluded / UV absorption is built directly into the raw material and filters 100 % UV rays up to 400 nm. All lenses provide 100 % UVA, UVB and UVC protection – the basis for our company name: uv-ex = ultraviolet excluded.

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double lens