uvex g.gl 3000 P

Optimal vision on every descent: the uvex polavision® technology of the uvex g.gl 3000 P protects the eyes against glaring sunlight and distracting reflections. OTG technology allows the goggles to be worn over prescription eyewear.

It’s not only the sun that is responsible for eye fatigue during winter sports, reflections caused by the snow can also be particularly irritating. The uvex g.gl 3000 P with their uvex polavision® lenses afford optimal eye protection for winter sports athletes to ensure a relaxed day of skiing on and off the piste. Excessive glare is filtered out to relieve strain on the eyes. In addition, this versatile all-rounder also boasts a special OTG construction to allow the wearing of prescription eyewear and uvex supravision® anti-fog coating to stop condensation.