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uvex core technology

The best of both worlds:
uvex supravision®

The technology of uvex sports and uvex safety

uvex believes that the standard is not enough. Surpassing the norm and getting the best out of products and for people is rooted in the brand’s DNA – thanks to our mission “protecting people”. Whether during sports or at work. To give you the feeling of seeing everything, being safer and therefore able to achieve more, lies at the heart of the uvex technology uvex supravision®.

For fog-free vision

How much both worlds – sports and occupational safety – benefit from one another is shown with the joint technology uvex supravision®. The uvex core technology achieves a total of 60 seconds of anti-fog protection under test conditions: twice as long as common standards demand. Applied on the inside of the lenses, the coating prevents fogging even when larger temperature changes occur. Because anyone can do standard.

Ski and safety goggles with uvex supravision®

When Thomas Dreßen is racing down the slope, it’s all or nothing. However, victory or defeat is not just a conscious decision, but a question of product choice. So that the top athlete can fully concentrate on his goal. But not only Thomas Dreßen trusts in the high-performance technology uvex supravision®. Also the service staff who ensure that the athletes can compete with perfectly prepared racing skis on a daily basis are perfectly protected during their work – with special safety goggles that feature the same coating technology. This is how uvex always fulfills its joint brand mission: protecting people.





Ski goggles with uvex supravision®

uvex athletic LGL white



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