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The future before your eyes

Automatic or manual –
the perfect lens for every light condition

See uvex Snowstrike variotronic

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Automatic lens tinting

variomatic lens technology automatically reacts to every light situation. The photochromic lenses dose the shading in three levels of protection, from S1 to S3, according to the light conditions. Of course, all uvex lenses provide 100% protection from UVA, UVB and UVC rays.

See uvex downhill 2000 VM

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technology variotronic take off

Time to change

Interchangeable lenses featuring two mini magnets turn a bad weather ski goggle into a sun ski goggle in a moment. Simply click the lens off - or on - with this goggle. The dark replacement lens is very thin, flexible and fits in any pocket.

See uvex 300 take off pola

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Magnetic interchangeable lens

Brilliant solutions are often simple: push the lens out from inside, insert a new lens, done. Quick and easy.

See uvex hypersonic cx