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Choose the lens to suit your mood.

Swosh Pink
Background Pink

Want to stay …



Explosion Pink
Lens Relax
Lens Relax Back Lens Relax Back Clear
Weather Clouds

uvex RELAX - visual harmony

  • Enhances contrast.
  • Absorbs harsh glare.
  • Calming effect.

Pink soothes us. It has a relaxing, harmonising effect.

Flat, hard light can make it difficult to see uneven terrain. uvex RELAX helps us stay calm in these conditions: harsh glare is absorbed – and contrast resolution greatly increased, allowing subtle detail to stand out.

Swosh gelb
Hintergrund gelb

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Explosion gelb
Lens alert
Lens alert back Lens alert back clear
Weather bad

uvex ALERT - your full attention

  • Ultra-brightening.
  • Enhances focus.
  • Boosts alertness.

Yellow makes us alert. It increases our attention. And helps keep us safe even in poor lighting conditions.

When you encounter low light or reduced visibility, uvex’s revolutionary ALERT lens is the one to choose: for complete focus, extreme clarity – and maximum view.

Swosh lila
Hintergrund lila

Want to be …



Explosion lila
Lens psycho
Lens psycho back Lens psycho back clear
Weather sun cloud

uvex PSYCHO - activate your ambition

  • Awakens creativity.
  • Frees up energy.
  • Increases confidence.

Purple stimulates us. It increases awareness and awakens our sense of adventure.

In good visibility to light overcast, uvex PSYCHO provides the perfect field of vision. To expand our personal limits. Or to tackle the trickier slopes.