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uvex octo+ technology

Lay down the first tracks every time.

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uvex octo+ is the first fully automatic fit system.

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uvex octo+ is the first fully automatic fit system.

Flexible fins cocoon the head and adapt perfectly to its shape, regardless of the size of the helmet. For a relaxed, comfortable fit – like your favorite beanie. Put it on and be first to drop onto the slope.

10 flexible fins

10 flexible fins made from ABS polymer guarantee exceptional comfort

Flexible, individual fins give superb fit and exceptional comfort.

Automatic fit

Automatic fit for every head shape and size

Fine-tune to fit your head. An elastic all-round strap with three levels provides precise manual re-adjustment.

Perfect ventilation

Perfect ventilation The independent fit system ensures perfect ventilation and protection

Air circulates freely between uvex octo+ and the EPS inner shell. For optimum ventilation.

Soft to wear

Soft to wear Comfortable material provides a scratch and itch-free fit.

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