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Half shell uphill.
Full face downhill.

At the top of a climb 3-time downhill UCI 4cross World Champion Michal Prokop simply attaches the chin guard, to instantly transform his uvex jakkyl hde into a full face helmet with complete protection.

half shell
to full face

New uvex jakkyl hde combines two disciplines – All Mountain and downhill – in one product. And opens fresh trails for new possibilities.

Mountain bikers need a well-ventilated helmet on climbs. On descents uncompromising protection is paramount.

uvex jakkyl hde is the perfect two-in-one solution. uvex has equipped this All Mountain helmet with a removable chin guard.

“Two locking knobs securely fix the laminated glassfibre chin guard to the helmet,” says product manager Johannes Schache. “This simple mechanism requires no tools – and the whole process takes just a few seconds.”

uvex sports developers worked meticulously for a year on the new top-of-the-range enduro model.

Sketches were made, prototypes were built.

The first design was discarded, along with the first technical solution for the connection mechanism.

The helmet experts were finally satisfied with the third iteration.

“Our goal was the perfect balance of maximum ventilation and sufficient protection for fast descents,” explains senior designer Noah Sussmann.

“The helmet is slightly lower at the neck, there is an oversized visor – yet the goggle can still be worn on the forehead during breaks in riding.”

Double inmould technology with a second polycarbonate shell, ventilation channels just like the top race model uvex EDAero, proven Boa® system, removable liner, plus a removable chin guard, which is also available separately.