winning is teamwork

Great leap forward: uvex athlete appointed to the senior squad of show jumpers.

Just 28 years old, Simone Blum has managed to do something that today can only be termed “girl power in action”. One year after winning the women’s event, the 2016 German Champion wanted to go one better. And, with her 10-year old mare DSP Alice, she reached a goal, with flags waving and mane flowing: 2017 German Master. 2018 World Champion in Tryon. She also beat the men!

uvex simone blum

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Success together with the animal. That really is super special.

Over the last few years the former eventer, and now successful international show jumper, has been steadily expanding her career, with many wins and rankings. Above all with Alice, her chestnut mare, who is a truly exceptional horse. “Only with perfect co-operation between the animal and rider is success possible,” says Blum. The show jumper knows: winning is teamwork.

For me, there was never anything other than riding.

uvex Simone Blum

Always secure in the saddle

The young sportswoman has been in the saddle since early childhood, when she grew up on the Eichenhof in Zolling in Upper Bavaria, Germany. Thanks to her father, a successful eventer, her love of horses began almost in the crib. “For me, there was never anything other than riding,” says Blum. After many successes as a professional show jumper she can already look back on an impressive career. Has she reached the peak of her career? Not even close. After her success at the Mixed Championship, Simone Blum mastered another leap on the career ladder when Otto Becker, the German national coach, added her to the show jumping first team. A welcome surprise for Blum.

uvex simone blum

To be successful I must work hard every day.

To focus fully on the next obstacle, at any time, isn’t only about the routine. It’s also about having equipment, which you can rely on in every situation. As an ambitious person you know that it’s every single thing.
“Small things can sometimes lead to serious mistakes. My helmet brings me the security I need, not just when jumping, but also during my normal, daily riding,” says Blum. With uvex Simone Blum rides on the safest side.

Simone Blum on working together with her teammate Alice.

What motivates you daily?

Simone Blum: “True teamwork with the horse, and simple a love of horses. When I go into the stables and hear the whinnying, especially Alice, this makes my day. Building a good connection between the human and the animal, that’s what matters. Success with the animal, that really is super special. On my own, I would never be able to achieve this.”

What is your goal?

Simone Blum: “I am a very ambitious person. Facing the competition motivates me. If that works, and you can beat someone, it’s a big incentive. But, to be successful I must work hard every day.”

What was your most emotional moment in competition?

Simone Blum: “My most emotional experience happened recently, in Stuttgart, when I won the German Masters title. This is, I believe, also the biggest dream any rider can have, to have won this title once in their career.”

uvex simone blum

At any time, something could happen.

Never without a helmet?

Simone Blum: “I always ride with a helmet. At the moment I have the uvex perfexxion II. A good fit, yet fashion is also a factor. And, of course, that it meets the highest safety standards. In general, for me, safety comes first and, when I’m on a horse, I only really feel safe wearing a helmet. At any time, something could happen, even if the horses are really good. One time, I had a very bad fall; without a helmet, I might not even be sitting here today. That’s why I encourage everyone to wear a helmet. It is the best thing you can do. No matter which equestrian sport you enjoy.”

uvex simone blum