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One of the best ski goggles ever created: New uvex contest makes the difference.


With these goggles, the developers had a clear goal from the start: uvex contest should set a new level in visual quality. To achieve this, our engineers’ know-how was combined with the experience of some of the world’s best skiers. The result? A ski goggle which sets the standard – and can make the difference in a race.

“Even the smallest details can gain you a tenth of a second, and the difference between victory or defeat,” says Hannes Reichelt, eleven-time World Cup winner and 2015 Super-G World Champion. “With uvex we gain a head start for the next race. Now the best possible products are also available to recreational athletes.”

uvex contest

Perfecting prototypes

uvex Research & Development Team combines engineers with professional athletes. World Cup athletes Hannes Reichelt, Dominik Paris, Max Franz and Victor Muffat-Jeandet, were brought into the product development process, and enriched it with concrete ideas from training, as well as experiences from race situations.

uvex experts gained valuable new insights, incorporated them in prototypes, and perfected with further testing. More athletes got involved, including Eric Frenzel, 3-time World Champion and Olympic Champion and Viktoria Rebensburg, Olympic Champion. Eric tested the goggle from the perspective of Nordic Combined.

uvex contest dominik paris

Best in sight

An optimized uvex camlock deflection system on the goggle strap, combined with an updated contour design, means the uvex contest fits closely, and extremely securely, on the helmet. The result is less fogging, and increased freedom from drafts, so the eyes do not water, even at the highest speeds. Plus, superb aerodynamic performance in wind tunnel tests.

These goggles offer a spectacular, wide field of view. The uvex full mirror lens protects against glare and strong sunlight. The orange tinted uvex lasergold lens enhances contrast and improves vision in poor weather and low light. uvex supravision® lens coating keeps lenses permanently fog-free.

uvex contest
uvex contest eric frenzel

Success in action

The first athletes have been using the new uvex contest since the beginning of 2017. Reaching new heights, Eric Frenzel was victorious at the Nordic Combined World Cup in Lahti, Finland. “Thank you for these goggles,” said the delighted German athlete, from Oberwiesenthal, back on the podium at Lahti the very next day. “The large field of view allows me to maintain a better head position. It is truly amazing.”

uvex contest eric frenzel

The best product for competitive and amateur athletes.

uvex contest dominik psris

Dominik Paris - 6-time World Cup Winner

“Goggles play a crucial role when skiing. Vision is definitely one of the most important factors, because it’s all about fine nuances in terrain. It is vital to able to assess the slopes as quickly and accurately as possible. Those able to see the smallest undulation, and estimate the potential impact, can reach the finish line in the best time.”

Max Franz - World Cup Winner

“We race at top speed. So, goggles must fit closely, or your eyes begin to water. The field of view has to be as large as possible. And, you need the best lens, which works in all weather conditions and gives you the best contrast or protects you from glare in strong sunlight.”

uvex contest

Hannes Reichelt - Super-G World Champion

“Development never stands still - it is a continual process. In the same way athletes like us try to develop year by year, uvex also tries to improve.  Combining engineers’ know-how with the experience of competitive athletes also creates the best products for recreational skiers.”

Victor Muffat-Jeandet, World Cup racer

“Good vision is critically important! As well as lots of night races, we also race in sunshine or variable light conditions through trees. When every detail counts, you need to have the perfect lens. I put my goggles on at least 10 minutes before the start. That way I can go inside and can focus on the race.”

uvex contest

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