wherever you are: the uvex eyewear highlights 2019/20

Sports and leisure eyewear by uvex are renowned for allowing a perfect view anytime, anywhere while providing optimum protection for the eyes against harmful environmental influences. No matter whether you are cycling, running or hiking: the new eyewear collection from uvex impresses with convincing innovative technologies, state-of-the-art safety standards and immaculate design.

Dusty roads, glaring sun, changeable weather – outdoor athletes are familiar with the challenges that set in from the moment they leave home – challenges that demand everything from sports eyewear. The uvex range contains exactly the right sports and leisure eyewear for all-round perfect vision as well 100% protection against UVA, UVB and UVC in every situation.  

uvex eyewear sportstyle 706 CV
Automatically tinting contrast enhancement: uvex sportstyle 706 CV V

Out and about when lighting conditions are changing? Whether in urban jungles or on single trails – if the clouds suddenly pull in front of the sun to launch a unique interplay of light and shade, the uvex sportstyle 706 CV V puts in a top performance. In these tough sports glasses, uvex combines contrast-enhancing colorvision colour filters with the smooth-transition variomatic® automatic lens-tinting, ranging from bright (S1) to dark (S3) in just 25 seconds. The improved colour brilliance allows athletes to detect unevenness, changes in terrain or obstacles on the ground significantly faster, which helps to shorten reaction times. Nose pads and earpiece legs allow individual adjustment to ensure maximum comfort for the wearer. RRP: 139.95 euros

Photochromic race-shield: uvex sportstyle 804 V

The new uvex sportstyle 804 V in the on-trend shield look guarantees optimum vision in any weather. Thanks to the deformable soft earpiece legs and nose pads these fully adjustable sports glasses ensure an unrestricted field of vision. They also adjust automatically to the prevailing light conditions using their variomatic® lens technology. A change of eyewear perhaps? There’s simply no need. RRP: 159.95 euros

sportsyle 804 eyewear
uvex blaze III eyewear
All-rounder with interchangeable lenses: uvex blaze III

Cycling yesterday, jogging today, hiking tomorrow. A sports-centred lifestyle calls for sports and leisure eyewear that can cope with every conceivable adventure. And this is precisely what was behind the development of the uvex blaze III with innovative interchangeable lens technology. Additional interchangeable lenses in clear, litemirror orange and smoke ensure optimum anti-glare protection and best possible vision. Equipped with soft nose pads and earpieces, the glasses sit comfortably and securely. RRP: 59.95 euros

Trend-setters: uvex lgl 43

There’s more to life than just sport. Even if you simply want to enjoy the sun on holiday, you are guaranteed to find just the right sunglasses from uvex. The uvex lgl 43 is perfect for a stylish appearance at the café. This cool lifestyle model pairs a mottled havanna frame with striking blue-green mirror lenses. Using all its skill, uvex blends timeless design with on-trend colours. RRP: 59.95 euros

uvex lgl43 eyewear
uvex sportstyle 507 eyewear
Smart protection for young eyes: uvex sportstyle 507

Summer, sun, shades – to ensure that even young athletes can enjoy optimum protection from the outset, uvex presents uvex sportstyle 507, the children’s sports glasses featuring a fully flexible frame, soft earpieces and mirror lenses with high anti-glare protection. A practical addition: the supplied headband prevents the glasses from getting lost. RRP: 19.95 euros

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