5 February 2020

Celebrating five years of uvex riding gloves

uvex sees success in the expansion of its product portfolio

SPOGA HORSE September 2020 – uvex news

In early 2015, uvex acquired the riding glove maker Schwenkel, the first step of the product portfolio expansion into the equestrian sector. The innovative company in Fürth, Bavaria, continues to reinvent its production processes to meet its own function and safety standards. uvex looks back on the innovations of the last five years with pride.

Simon Sirries, Director Sales Equestrian Sports at uvex sports, presents a positive outlook after five years of development in the riding glove division: “Since moving into riding gloves in 2015, uvex has seen a more than 30 % increase in equestrian sport sales. We see this as a very positive development. Especially when we take into account the challenges we faced during this time. For instance, compliance with EU standards for riding helmets, or chromium trioxide testing in the production and preservation of leather, which continues to be an issue for many manufacturers. Revenues for our riding gloves nearly tripled in 2019, compared to our first year of riding glove production (uvex 2015 business year).”

A zero-tolerance policy was decided in 2017 in the safety of materials used and against the use of leather in the production of riding gloves altogether. At the same time, this was a decision in favor of the development and use of innovative functional materials to guarantee riders not only uncompromising protection, but also maximum comfort and grip. uvex has pursued this strategy with consistency: “We continue to promote a no-leather policy”, says Simon Sirries. “Riders want well-made, durable gloves with a great grip. We see a continuing trend towards innovative, functional materials. Our goal is to be the leading brand for high-quality riding gloves in terms of technology and innovation. We believe in providing genuine added value for riders through innovative riding gloves like the uvex ventraxion, uvex ceravent and uvex tensa II”.

And although uvex gives top priority to the safety and function of uvex products, the style factor is also a big consideration. New trends, exciting material combinations and the needs of riders all flow together in the development of our products. uvex developers work with riders’ wishes for new cuts and new color trends as well as, for example, ways to accommodate long fingernails. This season’s collection plays with mixes of matt and glossy materials and new colors. Kristin Rösch, marketing manager at uvex, keeps an eye on the latest trends on social media: “The biggest trend for uvex in the 2020 competition season is the color anthracite. Show fashion is following the lead of training apparel in taking on more variety. The fashion industry is currently fascinated with the color grey and all its shades. These colors will be the new must-have in the coming equestrian season.”


About the uvex group

The uvex group brings together three international companies under one roof: the uvex safety group, the uvex sports group (uvex sports and ALPINA) and Filtral. The uvex group is represented in 22 countries by 48 subsidiaries but opts to locate most of its manufacturing in Germany. Two thirds of the company's 2,800-strong workforce (as of December 2018) are employed in Germany. As an outfitter for numerous top athletes, uvex acts as a global partner for international competitive sports. It views its mission statement of “protecting people” as its mandate and duty. To this end, uvex develops, manufactures and distributes products and services for the protection of people at work, sport and leisure sectors.

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