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NEW uvex variotronic ff black mat
uvex sportstyle 810 vm black white
NEW uvex variotronic s black mat
NEW uvex sportstyle 803 race vm black

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NEW uvex lgl 26 blue red
NEW uvex lgl 21 black mat green
NEW uvex lgl 26 black red
NEW uvex lgl 32 gold

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The perfect lens for every light condition. Lens tinting in 0.1 second.

Revolutionary: uvex variotronic® technology is a class above – in just 0.1 second: pressing the button or using the built-in light sensor triggers electrochromatic activation of a liquid crystal film on the poly­carbonate lens. 

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Curve 10 lense for panoramic view and automatic, stepless shading

Curve 10 lenses offer a full 1 cm more curvature, compared to standard flat lenses. The photochromic lens reacts also automatically, smoothly changing its level of shade, in response to the prevailing light conditions.

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Ultimate Anti-Fog Coating

Fog-free vision every time. Thanks to a special surface treatment which doesn’t affect the optical quality of the lens.

IR protection

100 % protection from dangerous infrared rays.

Essential. Not just for athletes who spend a lot of time outdoors. uvex delivers 100 % protection from harmful infrared rays with a wavelength of 780nm to 1000nm. Special pigments in the polymer lens act as a filter, deflecting long-wave radiation and absorbing thermal radiation. Heat load is significantly reduced, thereby reducing dehydration, fatigue and clouding of the eye.