uvex lens technologies

uvex variomatic®

Sun, wind, or rain. Leafy canopy or cloudless sky. From the first light of day to the twilight hours. The uvex variomatic® lenses deliver perfect protection and enhanced visual performance in any weather.

The photochromic lenses react fast to changing light conditions and transition smoothly from clear to dark in just 25 seconds – taking a spare pair of sunglasses is history. uvex variomatic® eyewear is ideal for running, cycling, or horseback riding. Made for every lighting condition from filter category 1 to 3.

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uvex sportstyle 804 V

The perfect eyewear for endurance athletes. The large lenses of the uvex sportstyle 804 V protect the eyes from wind, while the frameless design offers an unrestricted field of view.

  • uvex variomatic®Automatic, stepless self-tinting in just 25 seconds – for changing weather conditions
  • uvex supravision®Fog-free vision and optical quality class I
  • ComfortIntegrated, flexible nose pads guarantee the best possible fit