Essilor Sun Solution
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Greater Contrast.
Brilliant Colors.

You can see more with the innovative uvex colorvision technology: the lenses with integrated color and contrast filter offer you an unmistakable view. For optimized vision, brilliant contrast, and vibrant colors.

uvex uvex colorvision technology is ideal for visual requirements and lighting conditions in any environment. Regardless of where you are. Regardless of what you’re doing. The three innovative color filters provide unique contrast and perfect vision – on any trail, in the city, or wherever else you happen to be.
For better performance and greater safety. At all times. Everywhere.


ohne Urban Linse mit Urban Linse

Navigation Through
Your City.


The urban color filter allows you to perceive traffic lights and brake lights more quickly, and thus also indirectly improves your response time. Better vision, faster responses, safer driving.

uvex sportstyle 224 colorvision


ohne Outdoor Linse mit Outdoor Linse

Vision. Even


Higher contrast, more details: better depth perception thanks to optimized contrast makes potholes, debris, and dangerous uneven terrain easier to see.

uvex sportstyle 706 colorvision


ohne Daily Linse mit Daily Linse

Clear Vision.
Regardless of When and Where.


The daily color filter transforms your every day into a whole new experience. Natural colors are seen more clearly and radiate new brilliance. Comfortable, stylish, exceptionally trendy.

uvex lgl 35 colorvision

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