City helmet with hardshell technology

uvex hlmt 5 bike pro

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Casual Street Style.
Exceptional Protection.

Style that fits any head – for optimal performance on all streets. With clever features and just the right amount of style, the new, innovative uvex hlmt 5 bike pro will put a smile on every city cruiser’s lips.


Unbeatable and Uncompromising

The uvex hlmt 5 bike pro offers unbeatable protection for your head – thanks to hardshell technology. We achieve unrivalled comfort through the functional inner workings, while the IAS system guarantees the perfect fit. The extra-large ventilation slits with air channels on the inside allow you to keep a cool head on the hot asphalt.


Product Specifications

  • Weight395g
  • Featuresreflective uvex logo
  • Protectionhardshell technology
  • Adjustment systemremovable IAS, FAS strap, monomatic
  • Monomatic ventilation10 ventilation slits