City helmet with LEDs

uvex city light

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A Real Eye-Catcher.
Even at Night.

Whether you’re on your way home from the theater or work in the winter, the new, innovative uvex city light allows you to go all out on your city streets even at night – all the while providing you with the best protection. Just about invisible during the day, the integrated LED lighting system ensures exceptional visibility at all times and makes the new uvex city helmet the perfect companion on all streets.


Visible and Safe in the City

The integrated LEDs and the intelligent lighting system ensure that you’re highly visible to all drivers even from behind, especially when visibility is poor due to fog, heavy rain, or darkness.


Product Features

Installed at the front and back of the helmet, the LED chains are easy to activate with the press of a button. Constant light, blinking, or fading in and out. The uvex city light can do it all. The blue LEDs at the front are more visible than white, for example, and require less power. Its best feature: despite the LEDS, integrated rechargeable battery and plug-in LED at the back of the head, the helmet is a real lightweight.


Integrated LED Chains

The helmet has blue LED chains at the front and red at the back for optimal visibility in city traffic. You can choose from three modes for the LED chains with the press of a button: constant light, blinking, or fading in and out.

Chargeable Via USB

The battery status display is located at the back of the helmet. The integrated rechargeable battery works for six to twelve hours and is easy to recharge via micro USB. The LED of the battery status display is also an integrated plug-in LED.

Reflective Straps

The straps feature highly reflective stripes for even better visibility – particularly from the side.

Product Specifications

  • Weight320g
  • Featuresintegrated LED-lights
  • Protectiondouble inmould technology
  • Adjustment system3D IAS 3.0, FAS strap, monomatic
  • Monomatic ventilation18 ventilation slits