The new city helmet for your e-bike

uvex city 9

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Safe and stylish on the road,
even at 45km/h.

The new cycling culture, with fast speed pedelecs and iconic racing cycles, calls for a safe yet stylish head protection that promises maximum safety – even in dense traffic. The new uvex city 9, the safest uvex city helmet of all time, is made for high speeds. Just hit the road. You'll arrive safely.

Fashion-forward just like you and your home.

The shoes go with the bag, the jewelry with the sunglasses and the skinny jeans with the denim shirt. Cool City Couture: every street style as unique as the person wearing it. And those who go one step further to complete their look choose to wear the matching bike helmet. For example the new uvex city 9.

  • Net weight440g
  • Featuresplug-in LED, reflective straps and logos, lining in a modern design
  • Protectionhybrid technology
  • Adjustment system2 shell sizes, monomatic
  • Ventilation8 ventilation channels

Fits perfectly. To you.

The four thoughtfully selected color and design variants complete every outfit. Classic matt black, lime green, on-trend camouflage look or chic mocha. Additionally, the new uvex city 9 provides perfect wearing comfort on every street and current ventilation technologies.



The uvex city 9 range

uvex city 9 warm grey
uvex city 9 black mat
uvex city 9 neon yellow


The must-have for everyone who travels fast.

Safe is now even safer

Certified according to the new NTA standard, the new uvex city 9 provides unbeatable protection, even at higher speeds, for example on speed pedelecs – thanks to the hybrid shell technology.

Safety that you can see

On night rides, the innovative plug-in LED together with its three different lighting modes guarantees safety that you can see – turning the new uvex city helmet into an eyecatcher, even at night.


Adjustable ventilation system

The first uvex road helmet with adjustable ventilation: the helmet’s clever air channeling system provides draft-free air supply and ventilation, even on hot roads. The temperature inside the helmet can be custom-regulated by the wearer through the closable air vents.

Perfect look

These complete your look: uvex sports glasses with colorvision technology. Optimized vision with brilliant contrast and vibrant colors. Broaden your perspective. Anytime. Anywhere.

Fitting sports glasses with colorvision technology

uvex lgl 36 CV brown black
uvex lgl 32 gun