the city is yours

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Your City. Your Home. Your Territory.

You know who you are here. You know the ropes here and can find your way around. Day after day.
You and your bike. Sun, rain, or traffic? Doesn’t matter. Nothing can slow you down. You know the rhythm of your city like you know your own heartbeat. And you can always get to where you need to be safely, regardless of where you are.

The City Is Yours.


Rediscover Your City

Hop on your bike, pump the pedals, and leave the daily grind behind you. You know every pothole in the asphalt and the fastest route from A to B. And sometimes you rediscover your city. When you cycle through streets you’ve never seen before. And then you know: right here, right now – this is freedom.

Bikes Are the Future

City, countryside, future. The bicycle is already the most important means of transportation in urban environments.
More quality of life, less traffic. And your bike isn’t simply a means to an end, but rather a symbol of your independence. More than enough reason for a safe companion.

For Greater Safety on All Streets

uvex city helmets allow you to reach your destination safely, and accompany you wherever you go – on every journey and through every street. And they offer superior comfort and a perfect fit for optimal protection in city traffic.

Navigate Your City Safely.

We at uvex have dedicated ourselves to helping and protecting you on your daily journey. With our innovative solutions, we make urban cycling easier and promote further development of urban mobility, which is why we make an effort on a daily basis to develop smart products that help you to safely navigate your city.


Your City. Our Challenge.

uvex cycling helmets always keep you safe when you’re on the go, as we’re familiar with the challenges you face on your city streets. And your needs as a cyclist. It’s precisely for this reason that we focus on your benefits when it comes to each and every production innovation, such as the new uvex city light – the city helmet with integrated LEDs for superior visibility in city traffic.