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Wherever you ride

Performance helmets

Fast roads. Hairpin bends. The uvex road collection ensures a confident performance from the first push of the pedal. Assured safety – even when the pace heats up.

Shave seconds off your personal best with the uvex race 8 pro helmet, or push boundaries with the uvex boss race. Lightweight, extremely aerodynamic, with perfect ventilation and a comfortable fit. Hot blacktop or mountain pass. The distance makes no difference.

uvex race 9

When you’re chasing a new personal best, everything has to be right. The optimal ventilation and the special cage construction ensure that this lightweight helmet guarantees exceptional performance from start to finish, delivering an extremely high level of safety, even under the toughest conditions.

  • VentilationExtra-large air channels in the front improve air circulation – making the uvex race 9 the best-ventilated uvex helmet of all time
  • LightweightCompact and very lightweight construction: for endurance and performance athletes
  • ProtectionUltra-lightweight cage construction: for extremely high durability and unbeatable safety

uvex sportstyle 804 V

The perfect eyewear for endurance athletes. The large lenses of the uvex sportstyle 804 V protect the eyes from wind, while the frameless design offers an unrestricted field of view.

  • uvex variomatic®Automatic, stepless self-tinting in just 25 seconds – for changing weather conditions
  • uvex supravision®Fog-free vision and optical quality class I
  • ComfortIntegrated, flexible nose pads guarantee the best possible fit