uvex slider LGL

Kleine Ski-Helden, die auch bei suboptimalem Wetter über die Pisten sausen, brauchen die uvex slider LGL. Diese Kinderskibrille sorgt mit ihrer kontrastverstärkenden und Anti-Fog-beschichteten Doppelscheibe auch bei mieser Sicht für Super(wo)man-mäßigen Durchblick.


Farbvariante: black

To make sure that even bad weather days don't spoil the mood of small downhill skiers, the uvex slider LGL is equipped with contrast-enhancing lasergold lite lenses and the innovative supravision® anti-fog coating: It prevents fogging of the glasses even during major temperature changes. Thanks to its special OTG design, the uvex slider LGL also fits easily over prescription glasses.

Ventilation openings in the frame guarantee that small winter sports enthusiasts do not sweat when playing in the snow. A perfect all-rounder for beginners and advanced skiers who want to conquer the slopes.