City helmets

Day or night. S-Pedelec or city bike, e-scooter or fixie. The uvex city helmets deliver optimum protection at all times. Whether on the way to work or cruising through town, uvex understands the challenges of the city streets and has designed a helmet to meet each one.

Intelligent lighting systems, like the one integrated in the uvex finale light 2.0, ensure increased safety, even in heavy traffic. Hit the street and arrive safely. No matter which route you follow.

Automatic visibility

Safety through visibility: the uvex finale light 2.0 is a real eye-catcher in road traffic. As soon as the ambient light fades, a sensor automatically switches on the LED spots integrated into the helmet.

uvex finale light 2.0

  • Superbly visible and supersafe: 40 integrated LEDs in blue and red ensure maximum visibility and safety on city streets
  • The LED system detects ambient light and switches the helmet lamps on and off automatically
  • Rechargeable battery with USB connection lasts for up to 12 hours

Unique Style Fusion

A casual, stylish frame with full mirror lenses and contrast-enhancing colorvision®. The uvex sportstyle 805 CV defies convention by deliberately blending both sport and lifestyle.

uvex sportstyle 805 CV

uvex sportstyle 805 CV

  • Unique fusion between sports and lifestyle eyewear
  • Fullmirror lenses
  • Ultimate contrast enhancement with uvex colorvision®

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