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Series XB 025 cycling helmets: uvex recommends replacing the chinstrap anchor

Jun 30 // 2014

As a reaction to test results for the cycling helmet „city 9“, uvex revised and improved the chinstrap anchor of the model series XB 025. All purchased helmets can be improved with the new anchor free of charge.

ZDF-consumer magazine „WiSo“ and TÜV Süd criticize the model uvex „city 9” in a bicycle helmet test conducted together. The helmet failed in one of three test scenarios: When testing the stability of the belt system that keeps the helmet on the head, the so-called roll-off behaviour, the anchor broke. If this happens during a fall, the helmet could slide off the head in extreme situations. uvex reacted to the results of this test scenario and developed a new belt anchor. All helmets still in stores were improved with the new anchor.  uvex recommends owners of the model „city 9“ and as a precaution also owners of further models of the series XB 025: „uvex bladenight“, „uvex top vent“,“uvex xp“, “uvex xp 100“, “uvex xp cc“, “uvex xp city“, “crazy creek skatenight“,„Mercedes Benz Fahrradhelm B67997549“ and „nakamura aero“ to replace the band anchor. This replacement can be done at any uvex specialist retailer and only takes a few minutes. The anchor can also be ordered free of charge from uvex by email ( or by telephone at +49 (0) 911 97744388 and replaced at home.


Video tutorial and download for changing the chinstrap anchor