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Keep cool you're the fastest - uvex EDAero

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The new helmet EDAero presented by uvex is an aerodynamic masterpiece for everyday use on a race bike. The convenient shape joins maximum energy saving and ideal ventilation characteristics.


16 watts power with respect to its competitors. Over a distance of 40 km at an average speed of approx. 38km/h in about 1 min, 25s.


The uvex EDAero is a masterpiece of computer simulation, engineering art and professional know-how from racing: It combines the excellent aerodynamics of a drop-shaped time trial helmet with ideal ventilation characteristics and a shape suitable for everyday use. The heads responsible for the trend-setting racing helmet: The uvex-engineers, cycling professional Marcel Kittel and his 3-D-Avatar. The result is impressive: For example, energy-saving of up to 16 Watts or converted 1 minute 25 seconds on a stretch of 40 kilometres at a speed of 38 km/h is possible already solely by wearing the new EDAero. Impressive numbers that every race cyclist can convert into drive and performance increase immediately.



The uvex EDAero cleverly directs airflow where it should go and keeps a cool head even in the hottest situations

The new form of the uvex EDAero is the basis of the fast helmet concept; the heart however is the construction of the air channels: The airflow is led around and through the helmet in one flow. Turbulence is minimized. The vertical ventilation slots at the front of the EDAero direct the air straight into the helmet.  This way uvex minimizes air resistance at the most important place, where the air hits the helmet straight on. An optimized system of eight ventilation channels redirects the air on the inside of the shell. This enables cooling and ventilation of the head, even though the helmet is nearly fully closed.



Marcel Kittel, winner of multible Tour de France stages, was involved in its development


Fast shell, protective core

Of course the EDAero guarantees the protective function of the helmet without compromises and ideally protects the head against impact. All helmets have the "Double Inmould Technology" made by uvex. The advantage of Double Inmould: with a weight of 270g the helmet is light-weight and stable at the same time. The thin plastic hard shell encases the dampening interior EPS shell. Microscopically small air enclosures are located on the inside of the EPS plastic that are able to effectively dampen impacting forces. The helmet should always be adapted to ideally fit head shape and size.  

Get some insight information on our development story of the EDAero with Marcel Kittel


Keep cool you're the fastest - uvex EDAero

[uvex EveryDayAerodynamics]