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Szymon Godziek
Vienna Air King is happening in 10 days. Here's my sequence of last years best trick landed kinda sketchy bit didnt touch the ground haha ✌️ 📷: @wolisphoto
Check out this sequence of last year's Vienna Air King by #uvexcore rider Szymon Godziek.

Get ready for the start of the contest in 10 days.

#uvex #cycling #viennaairking
Uvex Cycling shared Szymon Godziek's photo.
Uvex Cycling 01 April 2015, 09:50
Photo of the Day

Flip truck driver from Szymon Godziek at 2015 FMB World Tour White Style Comp.

I've seen a few experiments with in camera double exposures in recent years, and it usually doesn't do it for me. This however, is stunning. The texture of the mountains really adds a great element to an already good action shot - Matt Wragg Bike |
#uvexcore shot of the week by uvex rider Szymon Godziek

#uvex #cycling #whitestyle
Uvex Cycling shared Pinkbike's photo.
Uvex Cycling 31 March 2015, 08:57
You like the special helmet of Felix? Find out more about it on #uvex #wintersports
uvexsports 23 March 2015, 16:30